陸 悠  / Yu Kuga
Born in Kobe, Japan.

​Photo: Eiichi Noguchi

"Yu Kuga is a highly talented and skilled musician. 
His saxophone playing is thoughtful, soulful and musical and his compositions have wonderful development and energy. His unique voice as a performer and composer provides the listener a feast for their ears.  The future in jazz is bright with Yu Kuga at the helm, and I am excited to hear what he has in store for us."
- Ms. Ayn Inserto, a Composer & Arranger, Professor at Berklee College of Music



学生時代、Japan Student Jazz Festivalでは3年連続でソリスト賞を受賞。審査員にはトロンボーン奏者宗清洋氏、サックス奏者赤松二郎氏など。


作曲を独学で始め、The Five Colors' を結成しオリジナル楽曲のみでの演奏活動を開始。

2016年に、1st アルバム "Declaration of Independence"/ The Five Colors' を自己プロデュース。


​2016年、ボストンのバークリー音楽院に奨学金を得て入学。Jazz Compositionを専攻し、作編曲をAyn Inserto, Greg Hopkins, Bob Pilkington, Scott Free, Jackson Shultz, Robert Rodriguez氏に師事。サックスはRick DiMuzio氏に師事し、ImprovisationやThematic Developmentを用いた演奏法を学んだ。在学時、Duke Ellington Awardを受賞。





​2020年1月末、2月のMISIA Soul Jazz Big Band Orchestra Sweet & Tender のアリーナツアーにビッグバンドのメンバーとして参加。大阪城ホール、横浜アリーナにて演奏。

Yu Kuga is an award winning saxophonist from Kobe, Japan.

He’s studied with saxophonist Mitsuhiro Furuya and pianist Hiroyuki Miyashita in Japan, and has been featured on Japan Student Jazz Festival and Kobe Next Jazz Competition.


He launched his career in Japan leading the group The Five Colors, where he wrote and performed his original music in Kobe and Osaka. Yu’s debut album Declaration of Independence was released in 2016 and is available by contact.


Yu continued to grow his artistry as a performer and writer while studying with renowned artists and educators Ayn Inserto, Greg Hopkins, Bob Pilkington, Scott Free, Jackson Shultz, Robert Rodriguez, and Rick Dimuzio at Berklee College of Music. Yu was a highlight sought-after performer and collaborator on an array of projects spanning many styles of music. He was award Duke Ellington Award while at Berklee.


Yu’s writing skills span the styles perfected by Count Basie, Bob Brookmeyer and Maria Schneider. Yet, he continues to adapt and explore the endless nuances present in the world of composition. He is now living and working Japan.

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